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Penonome: Better than Beachfront!

by Lucy

Waterfalls in PenonomeBy the time I was in a position to even be able to contemplate purchasing a nice parcel of land to eventually build my vacation/retirement home, it had become apparent that no matter how rural or remote I was willing to go, beachfront was no longer within my budget. It happened so quickly, within 2 short years, the prices for beachfront property in Panama had doubled, tripled and in some cases quadrupled or more in price. Very sad indeed, but not necessarily the end of the world.

I started thinking about other properties that could be as exotic, unique and beautiful as beachfront… and suddenly the answer was clear… waterfalls! My search for waterfall properties has taken me to the most remote corners of Panama, but I have found the highest concentration, best prices and accessibility of these unique gems to be centered around Penonome.

Take the attached photo for instance, it is one of 4 waterfalls within the property which is also home to the spring from which the river is born. Imagine having your own waterfalls, originating entirely on your own property. The farm is 97 HA and the best part is the asking price… just 25 center per m2.

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5 Responses to “Penonome: Better than Beachfront!”

  1. Terry Budd Says:

    Do you have more info and prices in Canadian dollars?

  2. Lucy Says:

    .25 cents per m2 breaks down to 0.266376 Candian dollars per m2. There are 10,000 m2 per hectare and 96 HA that make up this farm which makes the price in Canadian dollars 255,720.96. In US dollars it is about 240,000.

  3. Nancy Beets Says:

    Please give me more information about the farm…is it close to La Pintada?
    Also, are there more pictures to view?
    Take good care- Nancy

  4. Nadya Tirado Says:

    How far is Penonome from Panama City. How long does it take to drive there? The distance and acessibility to major roads could really escalate the building price of a house.

  5. Lucy Says:

    The farm is located within 30 minutes of Penonome, and within 10 km of La Pintada.

    The road passing within 2 km of the entrance of the property has just been approved to be paved as well as have electricity run along side the road all the way to the town of Tulu.

    There´s some good details regarding Penonome available at the following link http://www.panamarealtor.com/locations/77/penonome

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