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  • Location: Darien
  • Property Type: Land/Farm - PID 3225
  • Total Area: 29.27 ha (72 acres)
  • Title Status: Property Title
  • Updated: 2013-02-02
  • Property Tags: Development Opportunities  

Property Description

Part of a teak plantation in Tortí, Darién, is not growing satisfactorily. The owners wish to give up these parcels and concentrate on optimising the teak. The land lies 1500 metres from the Interamericana on a well-maintained road leading to a small village. It would lend itself to various uses: The main opportunity would be to develop a residency project, as Tortí is growing fast and there are not enough housing facilities. The owners have an architect's rough project description and calculation.

It could also be used for a generous residence and the soil should work for rice or bamboo.

The net size is 29.27 hectares, but adjacent land with maintained teak trees on it could also be bought to round off the lot. The property could also be split into parcels of around 5 hectares if the buyer is willing to pay for the segregation. 

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