Punta Chame - Panama Realtor's Pick of the Quarter

February 16, 2006
One of Panama Realtor’s guiding principles has been to assist our clients identify value properties—those properties that not only suit their needs, but that are also available at below market value. This is how we have been able to function in a competitive market, relying heavily on referrals and repeat business. Toward this end, we are adopting a new feature of making quarterly picks in which we highlight properties that are both unique and particularly good values. The inaugural selection for our “Quarterly Picks” feature the beach area of Punta Chame. 

Of Panama’s many beaches—both Pacific and Caribbean—Punta Chame has captured our attention as being particularly special. Geographically, it is a peninsula a short drive from Panama City. The entrance to Punta Chame is 50 minutes west of Panama City on the four lane Panamerican Highway. From the entrance, a 30 minute drive will deliver the visitor to the end of the peninsula—the location of the property which is the subject of this feature. 

The wide beaches of Punta Chame are some of the most beautiful along the Pacific coast, composed of deep white sand and protected by sand bars extending several hundred meters into the ocean. The peninsula further distinguishes itself from more common beach areas because of its unique vantage point: from the end of the peninsula, there are views of Otoque Island, Toboga Island and Toborcillo, also known as John Wayne Island. Most impressive however, is the view of Panama City’s skyline 30 kilometers in the distance. 

The peninsula extends at a 45 degree angle to the mainland, which affords the protected bay with calm waters suitable for docking, water skiing and jet skiing. No other Pacific side beach within 6 hours of the city offers docking facilities, meaning that Punta Chame has the unique potential for being the solitary boating destination for all Pacific side beaches. 

Even without any additional benefit, the foregoing features of Punta Chame justify its selection as “Panama Realtor’s Pick of the Quarter.” However, what really makes it special is that for many years, Punta Chame has been overlooked because of the dense development of other nearby beaches. However, precisely for this reason, Punta Chame’s beach properties are some of the most undervalued pieces of real estate in Panama. 

As Panama continues to receive international publicity and as its tourism continues to spike, we do not expect that there will continue to be reasonably-priced, select beach properties for very long in the area of Punta Chame. The continuing dialog about a major improvement to Punta Chame’s access road will begin to impact prices on Punta Chame, eventually making them consistent with prices in other expensive beach areas. Further, as major hotel chains continue their exploratory investigations of the peninsula for resort and golf club development, we can only forecast a significant rise in price over the next 3-5 years. For the moment, they remain good values. 

One particular beachfront lot in Punta Chame occupies the very point of the peninsula and is truly one of a kind in Panama. It offers the full panoramic view of mountains, ocean, islands and city skyline. We have yet to find another 4 hectare lot that boasts 370 meters of beach frontage. This ideal proportion beach footage-to-lot size makes the property adaptable to virtually any use. It could be developed as an intimate gated community, an upscale boutique hotel or a beach compound/estate. The property is flat, has electricity and water and, once again, a spectacular view. 

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