Altos del Golf

Altos del Golf is truly one of Panama´s most prestigious neighborhoods and is where many of Panama´s pilar´s of society live including several ex presidents and large business owners make their principal homes.

Altos del Golf is located by Parque Omar, which is Panama City´s largest park. The area of Altos del Golf has many mature trees, green areas and activities year round within the park.  The activities range from soccer, and baseball leagues for children to dog shows.

Altos del Golf is located in the area of San Francisco which has just about every amenity that one would need nearby including parks, medical centers, shopping areas, supermarkets, post offices, banks, hardware stores and restaurants.

Pros to investing in Altos del Golf:

  • Altos del Golf is arguably one of the most prestigious neighborhood in Panama City.
  • The Parque Omar as a neighbor makes for a great buffer from the City and its noise.
  • Many of the homes in the area have very large ample yards, a rare feature within Panama City.
  • The area is extremely convenient and virtually every amenities that one could ask for can fe found within San Francisco.

Cons to investing in Altos del Golf:

  • Since the area is so exclusive, there is usually a hefty price tag associated with properties in this area.

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