Copecito is located 15 minutes from the Panamerican Highway on the road to the weekend mountain town of El Valle, and about 1 hour and 20 minutes west of Panama City.

Throughout much of Copecito are beautiful ocean views, an interesting topography of rolling hills, and a cool mountain breeze from the Valle of Anton. 

For the most part Copecito is a rural agricultural town with such amenites as small general food and supply markets and schools.  There are however several small higher-end residential developments currently underway in the area.  

There is a small group of artisans in the area of Copecito  who build intricate birdcages of various sizes and designs  from the stem of the sugarcane and from the hard center strip of coconut palm leaves.

Copecito is located approximately 25 minutes from the beach/resort towns of Coronado where such amenities as full scale supermarkets, farmacies,  various restaurants, medical and vet clinics, a championship golf course and equestrian club can be found.

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