Cardenas was the last development built by the Panama Canal Company. It is located in the reverted areas between the town sites of Albrook, Los Rios, and Clayton. It is separated from the main highway by winding road, which cuts through rainforest.

It is not uncommon to see such wildlife as nieques (agouties), toucans, white tailed dear, sloths and marmosette monkeys.

At the entrance of the road to Cardenas is the residential area of Corozal, which is home to the US Military Cemetery and the English Speaking School Crossroads Christian Academy.

Cardenas is a residential area with a large park and civic center where such traditions as the annual Christmas tree burn, and Halloween trick or treating are still celebrated.

The residents of Cardenas, as well as the rest of the reverted areas consist of a mix of both Panamanians, and retired Americans and residents of the former Canal Zone.

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