Cambutal is located at the southern most point of Panama and the Azuero Peninsula in the province of Los Santos.  The area of Cambutal has been gaining notariety among the surfing community world wide mostly for its powerful waves and widely unpopulated breaks.  Basically its easy to have an entire beach to yourself.

The coast of Cambuta and surrounding areas is comprised of a mix of dramatic rocky cliffs, with private sandy coves.

Cambutal is a very remote area, and most of the surrounding lands are accessed by boat from the port of Cambutal.  Also as a result of its remotenes, the coasts and rivers of Cambutal have remained pristine.

Cambutal is located just south of The national park Cerro La Hoya whose translation means The Mountain Jewel.  Here one can find primary jungles, with a very large variety of plant, animal and bird species.

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