Dos Mares

Dos Mares is an exclusive residential area in the city which is located at the top of a hill that abruptly rises from surrounding topography which sets it apart from the city landscape.  One of the great features of Dos Mares is that it stands between the quiet suburbs of the reverted areas and the many amenities and services of the City, just a step in either direction from the two.

From many areas within Dos Mares, the Metropolitan Park, also knows as the lungs of Panama City is visible, as is the beautiful skyline of Panama City, which is especially beautiful at night when fully lit.

Basically Dos Mares offers the best of 2 worlds, the green areas, parks, domestic airport, bus terminal, Canal, shopping areas and great schools of the reverted areas and  the shopping centers, large commercial areas, restaurants, boutiques, hotels (Holiday Inn), banks and more of El Dorado and Panama City areas.

Pros to Investing in Dos Mares:

  • Convient location
  • Beautiful Homes in upper class neighborhoods
  • Vompetitive prices and beautiful views

Cons to Investing in Dos Mares:

  • Many of the homes for sale in the area do not have very large yards, and as a result privacy is compromised.

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