Flat and lush cattle farm near Dolega

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For Sale
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$ 750,000
Total Area
40 ha
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Date Published
Jun 23, 2019
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Property Description

Located in the area of Higo de Cochea, 40 minutes from David. The road to the farm is 100% passable in summer and winter.

1. It consists of 41 hectares which are planted with special grasses for cattle:  marandú, decumbens, mombaza and caiman. 

2. It has 100 animals.

3. Has milking equipment for six positions Westfalia Surge brand in new conditions (3 years of being purchased) with cold tank of 1600 lts brand DELAVAL.

4. It has a semi-stable galley of 400 m2 and a galley of 300 m2 to store food and equipment.

5. It has an 80 square meter galley roofed with cribs for calves.

6. It has a complete chutra in galvanized pipe for the treatment, bathing and shipping of animals, from Atalaya industries.

7. The farm is divided into blocks of 5000 m2. The whole property has electric fence with posts in excellent condition.

8. The farm has almost 1 linear kilometer of sidewalk for the cows.

9. It has a deep well with submersible pump that delivers water via an elevated tank i to a network of pipes to the entire farm.

10. There are 4 rooms with bathrooms for personnel who work on the farm 

11. Has an irrigation system for blocks of cut grass.

12. It has FJ grinder for grass with a 15 HP gasoline engine.

13. Has 35 tubs for water and food.

14. Has a 2-place milking team WESTFALIA SURGE for eventualities.

15. There is an area with fruit trees planted: mango, caimito, guanábana, pineapple, avocado, Persian lemon, among others.

16. Galley of 200 m2 for calves.




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