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For Sale
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Sale Price
$ 41,000
Total Area
10000 m2
Date Published
Aug 19, 2019
Aug 20, 2019
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Property Description

One of the safest and most sustainable investments. High returns. Inheritable. Titled plots of one hectare each, within a large BIO-FINCA area of SIMPLY NATURAL.

You will become the registered owner of the plot in the Public Register of Panamá. The land is saleable and inheritable. SIMPLY NATURAL provides infrastructure for your plot: paths, underground irrigation systems, tree planting. SIMPLY NATURAL manages the finca and ensures worldwide distribution of the fruits.

Your work? Zero. Just Invest - Wait - Get results.

In the last 30 years, farmland has achived an average annual value increase of 3.5%. Volatility is low, so this investment can be described as largely crash-resistant.

Organic agriculture is a future market with 16% annual growth. Furthermore, organic farms are 35% more profitable than conventional farms.

SIMPLY NATURAL specializes in the following three main products in PANAMA: premium quality mangos, tropical avocado and rainforest lemons. 

How does the "FINCA-IN-THE-BOX" concept work?

The great opportunity of SIMPLY NATURAL is based on two legal acts, which are coordinated with each other: 

  1. Notarized deed. You will own one (or several) hectares of land. The process of land parcelling and conveyancing is often associated with a lot of bureaucracy, but the company handles it for you. Finally, you will have your title deed and be a registered owner in the Public Registry of Panama.
  2. Simultaneously, you conclude a management contract for your plot, which lasts at least 15 years. The company creates the infrastructure, locates the underground irrigation, plants the trees, maintains the finca, looks after the crops and leads them to its international distribution network. The company receives 30% of the incomes and pays you 70% of the profits annually.

Total investment (contract 1 and 2): 1 hectare of mango $ 41,000.00

Invest, sit back, receive annual returns of up to 16%. Ask for the detailed returns forecast. Request detailed information and purchasing documents. You can also visit the SIMPLY NATURAL farmland. 

MICHAEL JAHNE  /  (+507) 6707 5096  / 

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