Land for sale Playa Punta Palmella DRV

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For Sale
San Lorenzo
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Sale Price
$ 9,000,000
Lot Size
1,563,738 m2
Date Published
Oct 9, 2019
Nov 20, 2019
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Property Description

Punta Palmella Beach

Location: Corregimiento de San Juan, District of San Lorenzo, Chiriquí, Republic Of Panama.

Located in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Pacific Ocean, province of Chiriquí, District of San Lorenzo, Corregimiento de San Juan about 55km from the City of David. The beach can be reached by boat from these 6 points:

1. Puerto Pedregal - David

2. Puerto El Salao - Remedies

3. Puerto Boca Chica - San Lorenzo

4. The Port in Remedies

5. Santa Cruz, Las Lajas - San Felix

6. Coiba Island

The surface of the property, according to the plans approved by the National Directorate of Agrarian Reform Measures of MIDA, through certification, totals 156 hectares plus 3,738 square meters, that is, 1,563,737.9 square meters with a length of approximately 6 linear kilometers of Beach and coasts with the following boundaries:

• North: Mangroves and estuaries,

• South: Gulf of Chiriquí, Pacific Ocean

• East: Estero Cabuya and Pacific Ocean

• West: Boca de Fonseca and mangroves.

The property has valuable features such as that it is located in eastern Chiriquí, accessible and close to the main tourist sites in the area such as Boca Chica, Las Lajas, La Ensenada, Playa Hermosa, Coiba and Coibita and existing islands in the Chiriquí area in the Pacific. The property is mostly surrounded by water (sea and estuaries - mangroves), connected to the mainland through the mangroves. This makes it a property with 100% private access, with a position for the development of economic activities due to its logistics and existing environmental ecosystem. Soil fertility is variable and has the following composition: acid ph, medium phosphorus, medium potassium, high calcium, high aluminum, high manganese and medium zinc. The land class is 1, 11 and 111, with an approximate 98% flat and 2% semi flat with bushes.

Based on its characteristics and location, different projects can be developed such as: Agro-eco tourism as a resort, sailboat marina (+ 25 fathoms deep), helipad or airport, beach resorts in different sources, for children, surfing, fishing sports, diving among others. It can be managed privately, complementing with the use of mangroves and estuaries for tourism, as agro-industrial activities, as well as in productive activities such as grains, vegetables, roots and tubers for the national market and export.

The property is titled have plans, writing, appraisal and study of the land made by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The property has peninsula characteristics and can be reached very easily by boat or boat. A bridge can be built about 30 or 40 meters from the mainland. The Interamerican Way is located about 6 kilometers entering through San Juan. This road in San Juan is made of dirt and stones and has 60% electricity in its length. There is also about 56 hectares of possessory right, virgin land which must be processed and given in concession by the Panamanian State (this is only an additional data and is not included in the sale).

Contact Rommy Vera 6617-4028

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