For Sale land Via La Pintada Los Uveros, Penonome Js

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For Sale
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Sale Price
$ 34,000
Lot Size
4,588 m2
Date Published
Aug 17, 2020
Aug 26, 2020
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Property Description

It is a unique land and very attractive to the eye, because its environment is pleasant and quiet, it is flat, it is within a subdivision with electricity and water, accessible street, the best price in the area for the amount of square meters, almost 1/2 Hectare, There are houses permanently inhabited, it borders on the back with a beautiful river, which makes it perfect for family and country enjoyment, it has a couple of mango trees, it does not have to knock down stubble because it is preserved with temporary corn cultivation. The shared photos show nearby amenities that are 45 minutes from the place, ideal for family trips for the enjoyment of children and adults, such as the Zarati River, the Ola jets, Las Yayas waterfalls in El Cope, hills El Peñon en Ola.

The best location: Via La Pintada, Los Uveros 5 minutes from the commercial center of Penonome, and 10 minutes from the picturesque town of La Pintada, an inner corner of the most beautiful in Panama, with its government houses, national bank, supermarkets, etc. You will have everything nearby and in a village environment and with some urban development, since there are already residential projects in the area with great projection.

If you have thought about acquiring a land in the interior, Penonome is an excellent option to evaluate, perhaps you have worked all your life and want to return to the country environment where you grew up, this is a bargain opportunity for you, I invite you to visit this charming little place that With your hand, love and dedication you can make it the dream paradise for your family and friends. Come on! Cocle awaits you with open arms!

Jessica Sosa

Keller Williams Obarrio

(507) 6470-9446

jessica,sosa @

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