Beach Front Fishing Property For Sale in Piñas Bay Darien - 1.9 hectares with home

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For Sale
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Sale Price
$ 982,000
Built Area
50 m2
Lot Size
19,640 m2
Date Published
Dec 17, 2019
Dec 7, 2020
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Property Description

Listing No. 1052-5145

Property for sale of 1 hectare with 9.640m2 in Darién with private beach surrounded by nature.

The property is located one mile down the beach from the village of Piñas Bay but separated from the village by a rocky point offering privacy.  The 5-acre property is beachfront, offering multiple beautiful vistas for future cabanas.

Over the years many varieties of trees have been planted for you to enjoy such as mango, papaya, banana, coconut, lemon, orange, and avocado.  There is a stream that flows a few feet from the house, providing a reliable source of crystal clean drinking water year-round even during the dry season.  The stream provides a nice swimming hole a few steps from the house making for a great place to freshen up.

Just in front of the house, there is a cove, ideal for anchoring your private yacht or multiple boats.  Even when the surf gets big just down the beach in Piñas Bay, this cove is always calm and is 30 feet deep even at low tide.  At low tide, the beach becomes expansive and perfect for taking your morning jog with soft firm sand underfoot. Or enjoy your private beach taking a midnight swim while looking up at the stars that appear so close just at the equator.

Every evening at sunset there is a cool breeze that flows down onto the property making for natural air-conditioning.  Enjoy amazing sunsets while sitting on the deck.

There are a 2-bedroom house and 16-foot-wide sleeping Cabana on the property.  The house does have an electric panel and can receive electricity from the generator house. There is an off the grid inverter located in the generator house for a solar system.  There are septic and plumbing. Propane tanks fuel the stove and oven.

Building materials, food, propane tanks and 55-gallon barrels of fuel can be easily transported on supply boats leaving Panamá City to Piñas Bay every week or two.  Transportation costs on these boats are inexpensive as these boats make regular trips from Panama City delivering materials and consumer goods to the inhabitants of Piñas Bay located one mile from the property.

A cell phone tower was recently constructed in Piñas Bay allowing for good cell phone service.

The property was recently surveyed and appraised in 2019.   The property margins or corners are clearly marked with posts.


Fishing grounds near Piñas Bay are considered by many to be the best deep-sea fishing in the World.  The Zane Grey Reef is located only 20 miles from Piñas Bay. Within minutes of arriving at the Zane Grey Reef, you will have caught your live Bonita bait and will be trolling for world record Black, Blue, and Striped Marlin.  Dorado or Mahi Mahi are plentiful in these waters. Sailfish have made a comeback since commercial fishing has been banned in these waters. Because it is 100 miles away from Panama City there is little competition for fishing, and this reef is fished primarily by local fisherman, the occasional private yacht motoring down from Panama City, or one of Tropic Star Lodges 31-foot Bertram’s also located in Piñas Bay.  Yellowfin tuna is also found in large numbers as well.

After catching a releasing big game Billfish, motor inshore, and enjoy some high-speed trolling along the spectacular Darien National Park cost-line.  While trolling the coast-line watch the Pelicans fly low looking for baitfish, view virgin beaches untouched by development or perhaps the occasional Indian grass hut and be amazed by the jungle mountains soaring into the clouds.  You will feel as if you have gone back in time and are living in Jurassic Park.

While high speed trolling you will hook onto a variety of fish including yellow -fin tuna, dorado, mackerel, black skipjack, Pacific bonito, wahoo, almaco jack, Pacific jack crevalle, Pacific bigeye jack, blue jack, rainbow runner, African pompano, green jack, broomtail grouper, mullet snapper, Pacific dog snapper, cubera, Pacific goliath grouper, roosterfish, tarpon, barracuda, cobia, snook, scalloped hammerhead shark, and great hammerhead shark.

Increasing in popularity is Ocean Kayak fishing as well and spearfishing.


In addition to deep-sea fishing, you can enjoy a wide range of activities.  The shores or coastline of the Darien National Park offer virgin beaches, and coral reefs to explore. Visit the white sandy beach a short boat ride around the corner from Piñas Bay, where diving you will see a large variety of tropical fish and coral reef teeming with marine life.  There are many protected coves offering amazing diving experiences and plenty of opportunities to dive for your lobster dinner. Paddleboard in Piñas Piñas Bay for your daily exercise or surf the large waves in the village of Jaque located a short distance away from Piñas Bay. Explore the coastline with your ocean kayak while fishing from your kayak as well.  Hike to an amazing remote tropical waterfall, while exploring the Piñas Bay River. Take a Jungle trek just behind the house to a genuine Indian plantation where you can sample some sugar cane, bananas, and view the many species of birds, animal life, and plant life found in the Darien National Park. Take a boat ride up the river to visit indigenous Panamanian Indian villages, or take a boat ride down the coast towards the border of Columbia to visit oceanfront Indian villages.  This property also makes for an amazing opportunity to slow down, unplug from the demands, as well as constant stimulation of the big cities. Enjoy the sounds of the jungle, ocean surf, and stream all at the same time, allowing your mind to rest, and recharge. A perfect place for a silent retreat.

Snorkel & Diving

Snorkel or dive just in front of the house or explore endless untouched beaches of the Darien National Park.  Protected from development the Darien National Park offers pristine clean beaches and prime diving locations.

Surfing & Paddle Boarding

Surf the waves in Piñas Bay or enjoy prime surfing in the neighboring village of Jacque only a short boat ride from Piñas Bay.Bring your stand-up paddleboard to explore Piñas Bay or just get your daily exercise.

Jungle Trek

Take a Jungle trek just behind the house.  Trails are well-traveled and bring you to sugar cane fields and banana farms used by the local Indian population.  While on your Trek discover new plants, birds, insects living within the Darien National Park.  Another Jungle trek takes you on a trail from Piñas Bay to a beautiful swimming hole and waterfall.


Explore the shorelines or enjoy some fishing with your ocean Kayak.

 Panama City

Panama City is developing rapidly.  A top choice for retirees or ex-pats looking for a high quality of living at a lower cost. Retirees in Panama also enjoy quality health care.   Panama City offers a wide variety of activities for you to enjoy with 5-star Hotels and high-quality restaurants. Enjoy great nightlife, offering all types of adult entertainment.  While in Panama City visit the Panama Canal and the old City of Casco Viejo.

Sale price: $982,000 (reduced from $1,291,600).


Agent: Jon Hanna

Tel: (507) 6672-0089


ID #3135

Property Features

  • Sea
  • Water - Tank
  • West
  • By the sea
  • Near Beach
  • Near Airport
  • Edge of Forest
  • Accessible by Boat

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