Pacific Private Island, Isla Quiros

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Pearl Islands
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$ 275,000
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14000 m2
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Apr 22, 2021
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08 –26’N Lat, 078 –59’W Long
In the Perlas Archipelago, 35 nautical miles south of Panama City, “Isla Quiros” is sheltered in the lee of the large island “Viveros”. At the southern mouth of the small canal that separates “Viveros” from the large island “Isla del Rey”. The Archipelago is extending further southward for another forty miles, with some 25 islands and many islets, with attractive beaches and a good sense of privacy.
The Island comprises an area of 1.4 hectares (about 3 and one-half acres) and is low and flat (highest point is probably five meters above the ocean, with productive soil on top of huge amounts of dark volcanic rock (almost black). The island is entirely covered with trees, with most on the outer fringes being coconut palms. Other trees include native trees of significant girth (perhaps half a meter in diameter) and height (some up to fifteen meters). There are also many fruit trees such as lime, mango, orange, and avocado.
By leaving only the shade trees, fruit trees, and those coconut palms desired, and with a bit of low-cost landscaping, the island’s topography will allow a steady breeze from any direction. The land has enough room available for a very large single home, or several small homes, with all the amenities of a tropical lodge.
The shores are rocky with some sandy beach areas at lowering tides and there is good anchorage, in the lee of the island and the extensive (over 120 meters) sand bar, which rises from the sea as the tidal range diminishes (tidal range on the pacific is normally 15-18 feet), and the sand bar becomes a spectacular place.
There are no known storms, unusual wave action, or severe rains which could affect the stability and existence of the island.
There is no known water source on the island, but, according to the evidence of the fruit and coconut trees, it is presumed there is some regular source of ground water, as, even in the “dry season”, “Isla Quiros” maintains its green appearance. It is expected that any private facility developed on the island would include a diesel power-generating unit, coupled with solar and perhaps wind generators, and the requisite desalinization equipment and respective pumps and holding tanks for fresh water.

The major development (already underway) at “Isla Viveros” is within sight, and only a five minute boat ride away. This project plans a hotel, a marina, golf course, and residential home units, as well as a commercial airstrip (which is already in use). Only ten minutes away, through the small canal separating “Viveros” from “Isla del Rey”, one arrives at the administrative headquarters of the Archipelago, the municipal center town of “San Miguel”, where there are some basic services (telephone, light, water, police) and an operating commercial airstrip serviced daily and weekly by AeroPerlas
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