Land for sale in Capira, Cermeno

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For Sale
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Sale Price
$ 1,150,000
Lot Size
890,000 m2
Date Published
Feb 17, 2020
Apr 22, 2021
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Property Description

Livestock farm of 89 hectares in Cermeño (several globes of land together) of which 63 are titled and 26 in the process of titling for sale.
Located 10 km from the Interamerican Highway and 900 meters by rough road passable in a 4x4 vehicle.
The farm is a valley with small hills around it and low areas in the center.
Several streams are born and run inside the farm with eyes of water that conserve living water all year round with an artificial lake of approximately 800 thousand gallons of water and a small ferris wheel. The creeks and the lake are full of river shrimp.
There are more than 1000 Macano trees and at least 1000 others from other woods such as guayacanes, bitter cedar, hawthorn cedar, laurel, espave, quira, cocobolo, medlar, etc.
There are 40 hectares of improved pasture (toledo, brizantha and decumbens), about 5 hectares of native indiana grass and some cutting grass.
There are more than 1500 Persian lemon trees, of which 500 are in production (others in growth) and 1.5 hectares of passion fruit (both plantations have an irrigation system).
The farm is of exuberant nature where there are fruit trees of different varieties of mango, nance, soursop, avocado, tangerines, pips, jobo, guava, medlar, plum, bananas, lemon Creole and one hectare of cane.
Regarding the fauna, there are families of monkeys inside the farm and you can see armadillos, gatoolos, eagles, hawks and deer.
There are 2 wooden houses for workers and a galley.
The farm is completely fenced with 4 wires on the outside while internal divisions to 3 wires with an internal path that runs through the entire farm

Price: $1,150,000




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