Investment Opportunity in Penonome, Cocle.

Investment Opportunity in Penonome, Cocle.
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$ 45,000
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10000 m2
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May 27, 2021
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Investment Opportunity in Penonome, Cocle.

Buy a fully-titled piece of a tropical avocado plantation in Panama for a safe, secure investment backed by the value of the land, with guaranteed passive income for decades to come. At just US$45,000 per hectare, this investment returns an average of 17% over 30 years. The land is managed by an international agricultural company with over 20 years of experience in large-scale operations. The investment is backed by the value of the land and can be sold, or managed by the company in order to continue producing passive income.

Purchases of titled farmland are available from 1 to 100 hectares at a one-time cost of US$44,000 per hectare. Your investment includes:

1. Titled purchase of the land, with the ability to re-sell at a later date. Can be in the investor’s name or purchased through a corporation, foundation, or trust. 

2. A contract with the management company, with 70% of profits going to the investor, and 30% back to the management company to cover costs. 

3. Land preparation with organic fertilizers

4. High tech irrigation systems created and installed by a leading Israeli agricultural technology company

5. Planting of avocado trees on your land, either Haas or Tropical varieties

6. Complete administration and management of the land until it begins to produce fruit (approximately 4 years), followed by harvesting, packaging, distribution, and sale of produce, with 70% of profits going to the investor.

This is a one-time investment, after which the management company handles everything else from planting and maintenance to the harvesting and sale of the organic avocados. Investors enjoy 70% of profits, while 30% goes back to the management company to cover costs and their own profit margin.

The investment is guaranteed by the value of the land, and the area of the country where the land is located, has been seeing massive growth because it has the country’s largest active gold mine. As a result, land values in the area have appreciated considerably over time.

For added security of the investment, Panama is completely free from natural disasters that might damage infrastructure, and it boasts the most stable economic and political climate in all of Central and South America. 

The management company charged with overseeing investors’ land is currently the largest exporter of organic fruit in Panama, and all local supermarkets sell produce from their farms. In addition to avocados, they also offer opportunities to invest in organic mangos and limes.

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