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For Sale
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$ 41,000
Lot Size
10,000 m2
Date Published
Jun 24, 2019
Jun 22, 2021
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Property Description

Do not miss this opportunity to purchase a titled, working organic mango farm in Panama, for as little as US$41,000, with annual investment returns from 14 to 17% without lifting a finger. This is a totally "passive" investment because the farm is 100% managed by an international farm management company with operations in the US, Europe, South America, Central America, and Israel. 

Titled lots are available from 1 to 100 hectares.  The investment is US$41,000 per hectare, which includes:

1. Purchase of titled land, fee simple, in your personal name or in the name of your corporation, foundation or trust. A farm management contract is then signed with the management company.

2. Land preparation with organic fertilizers for the soil.

3. Installation of high-tech irrigation systems designed, developed and installed by a top Israeli agricultural technology company.

4. Provision of fresh spring water through special high-tech pumping systems. 

5. Planting of specially grafted mango trees of a particular species that are resistant to the tropical humid environment of Panama, on the entire area of the property. 

6. Maintenance, monitoring, organic fertilizing, and overseeing of the farm until the trees begin producing organic fruit.

7. Harvesting, packaging, distribution and sales of organic mango fruit (once the trees begin producing).

In other words, the investor makes a one-time payment for the purchase of the property / farm, and the management company handles the rest from there on. The investor never needs to invest another penny, they just wait to receive their annual payments of the proceeds of the sale of organic fruit. The investor receives 70% of the proceeds of the sales of organic fruit, and the management company receives 30%.

This is a great investment for anyone seeking to diversify their investment portfolio into agricultural land investments.  This is a tried and proven company, with a solid track record. They have become the largest producers and exporters of organic fruit in Panama. All the major supermarkets in Panama currently sell the fruit produced from this company. 

They also offer the option of growing organic lime, or organic avocados as an alternative to mangos.  

This area in the center of the country, near the PanAmerican Highway, has become a hot spot for gold mining, wtih one of the largest gold mines in the country nearby, and a robust growth of housing and commercial projects in the city of Penonomé, the tendency in the market for land in this area of Penonome has continually appreciated in value, so we are confident that this will be a great investment for anyone seeking stable growth.  

Property Features

  • Garden
  • Near Bus
  • Good reachable traffic




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