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For Sale
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$ 23,000,000
Lot Size
2,000,000 m2
Date Published
Sep 17, 2020
Mar 18, 2022
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Property Description

Find a heavenly place, with beaches with warm and crystalline waters; soft white sand; sunsets like brushstrokes; and a pleasant sea breeze, it is not a utopia.

You just have to go to Pedasí, an almost hidden corner, where you can enjoy all these wonders, with extensive facilities and solidarity prices.

And it is that Pedasí, is the ideal place either for a romantic weekend or a family vacation, going through conventions and work meetings.

All this can be obtained in this special place, because its infrastructure has been designed especially for the comfort and well-being of tourists, who by the way, come from all over the world.

And it is that the attractiveness of the place is due, among other things, to its diversity of environments, the variety of its landscapes, plurality of its fauna and a large number of landscapes, which make it a pole of attraction for those who seek, the place perfect for vacation.

On the other hand, the cultural roots and the faithful follow-up of the traditions, show the visitor another facet for the enjoyment and solace, both of the local population, and of the foreigners that are in Pedasí.

Regarding the urban distribution of Pedasí, there is a strategic alliance between the private company and the government authorities, they have been concerned with offering comfort and well-being to its residents and visitors.

This alliance has been in place for less than a decade, however the development of the city is palpable, which went from being a small coastal town to a town in full development, where the construction of urban complexes for tourism, They have been seen quickly, however, they have not to the detriment of nature, but resources have been allocated to preserve nature, generate jobs, repair roads and offer higher quality services for visitors, with which, residents benefit.

Nearby are> Properties such as Prince Maximiliano of Liechtenstein and the house of the Former President of Panama Mireya Moscoso. Pedasí for its picturesque architecture and its orderly structure of roads is considered one of the greatest attractions of the province of Los Santos. Pedasí has hosted celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Tobey Magúire (Spiderman), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt, Shakira and Mel Gibson, among others.

In the surroundings of this beautiful property is Villa Camila and large luxury hostels where thousands of tourists stay.

Special mention should be made of the excellent telecommunications service, since in the city it is very easy to make phone calls and connect to the Internet, whose speed is equal to that of the most important capitals in the world.

In the midst of this dreamy landscape we have 200 hectares for sale with 1.2 km of beach with 95% clear water, in which a fenced property is developed with the following characteristics: 1 LARGE HOUSE with pool, 7 rooms and 6 bathrooms, 2 ADDITIONAL HOUSES, 6 FOR GUESTS with 2 bedrooms each, 2 HOUSES FOR EMPLOYEES, all these with their bathrooms as well.

It has Bohío Grande, Bar and Stables, Gardens.

The property has three accesses to get to the residence from the main road that is paved, the farm can be traveled by car, the topography of the farm is completely flat, and it can be accessed by land or sea by the Pacific Ocean, currently has improved pasture.

Excellent investment opportunity, last valued $ 72 million, sale price: $ 25 million

The land has several water wells drilled for the development of any project.

Pedasí has the Justiniano Montenegro Airport for flights that are made 3 times a week just a few minutes from the Hacienda.

The property is located a few minutes from Isla Iguana, declared a protected area and which is home to thousands of frigates, as well as the passage of dozens of humpback whales and dolphins.

All documents of the Treasury are fully in order and up to date. This Property is incorporated as a corporation under the laws of the Republic of Panama.

Property Features

  • By the sea
  • On Quiet Road
  • Near Beach


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