Commercial land for sale in Arraijan, Panama

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Property Details

Property ID
For Sale
Vista Alegre
Property Type
Commercial Space
Sale Price
$ 2,500,000
Total Area
25000 m2
Lot Size
25,000 m2
Date Published
Sep 22, 2023
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Property Description

Especially if it is located in an area that is growing and developing. Here are some of the possible benefits of commercial land in this location.

Accessibility: The proximity to a metro station makes it easier for clients and employees to access the place. Public transportation attracts a large number of people and can increase the visibility of your business. 

Increased human traffic: Metro stations tend to be meeting and transfer points for many people. This means a greater flow of people who might be interested in visiting your business or establishment. 

Urban development potential: The presence of a metro station often indicates an area that is experiencing significant growth and development. This could translate into an increase in land value as more infrastructure is developed and new projects are built. 

Ease of parking: If the land has space for parking, this can be an added advantage. Subway users may be interested in nearby parking spaces for their vehicles. 

Visibility: Location near a metro station can increase the visibility of your business, as many people pass through the area every day. Diverse clientele potential: Subway stations often attract people from different geographic and demographic areas, which can broaden the potential customer base. 

Infrastructure development: Investment in public transport infrastructure generally drives the development of services and businesses around it, which could lead to additional business opportunities. 

Convenience for employees: Proximity to a subway station can make it easier for employees to get to work, which can help in recruiting and retaining talent.

Property Features

  • Open
  • Near Hospital
  • Downtown


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