Land for sale in Chepo, Panama

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For Sale
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$ 1,300,000
Lot Size
2,532,500 m2
Date Published
Sep 20, 2023
Nov 14, 2023
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Property Description

Globe of land of 253.25 hectares of irregular shape, with a topography that ranges from undulating to broken. It is mostly made up of native grasses and trees typical of the region located in the divisions, on the banks of natural tributaries and in an area designated for forest. Access to the property is via a dirt road suitable for 4x4s, on foot or horses, and is approximately 1.8 kilometers from the Pan-American Highway to the property, where electricity and public transportation services can be observed. The property has a lake which supplies some of the reservoirs in the dry season, in addition to natural tributaries that maintain water all year round. The soils in the area are cataloged by the World Reference Base (WRB) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), as the Nitisols Group key and the main Humic classifier. They are deep, well-drained tropical red soils, with limits of diffuse horizons and a subsurface horizon with at least 30% clay and a moderate to strong structure of angular blocks that fragment into polyhedral elements, or with flat edges, or in the shape of Walnut, in a moist state with shiny aggregate faces. Although weathering is relatively advanced, Nitisols are much more productive than most red tropical soils.

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  • Great
  • Mountain
  • Open
  • Sunrise
  • Mountains


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