Sale of Boca Brava Island, Gulf of Chiriqui Panama

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San Lorenzo
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$ 22,000,000
Total Area
1780000 m2
Date Published
Jun 20, 2024
Jun 21, 2024
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Sale of Boca Brava Island, Gulf of Chiriqui Panama

Price: 22,000,00.00

Price: 178 Hect



Land Sales - Essential Data

This informative note is accompanied by a series of 11 aerial photos of the land for sale, as well as a satellite image of the entire property, which we assign the commercial name of Playa Gaviotas.

To promote the sale of the land, the following information must also be kept in mind:

 1. See the location of the farm on the accompanying satellite map.

2. Political physical location: Boca Brava island in the Panamanian Pacific, very close to the coast, in front of the Gulf of Chiriquí Maritime Park. Distance from the mainland in the famous tourist town of Boca Chica, only 350 M. The land for sale is at the other end of the island, 10 km from the strait. The project to build the electricity line from one end of the island to the other is advancing. In the next few years there will be a road.

3. All the islands in front of Boca Brava are part of the Gulf of Chiriquí Maritime Park, with many beautiful beaches with sand of various colors. There is a varied flora and fauna with numerous marine species. It is even a place for whale watching. But Boca Brava is located outside the park, so all the tourist buildings required can be built.

4. The easiest access to Playa Gaviotas is to go directly to those beaches by boat. The trip can be made in 40 minutes from the town of Chorcha, 10 km from the Pan-American Highway, from the town of Chiriquí, and therefore closer to the city of David. It can also be reached in just 45 minutes, by calm sea and beautiful scenery, from the tourist port of Boca Chica, where there are several hotels and restaurants. In a few years there will be a road from the beginning of the island, in front of the port of Boca Chica, in its central part, to the land for sale, which will make access even easier.

5. As a reference to the area's potential, three tourist developments that are in operation or about to start in Boca Brava can be cited:

6. 5 km from the land for sale, bordering the same beach, the Cala Mia Resort has been in operation for several years. Its facilities, services and details can be seen on the site

7. 4 km from the land for sale, also on the same main beach, is the resort called Isla Palenque, which is actually a peninsula of Boca Brava. You can see photos and reference information on the site

8. The project, currently under development, called Catalaya, is located on a property adjacent to the land for sale, which will integrate buildings and homes for an adult community, with a total estimated value of US$250 million. An interview conducted by La Estrella de Panamá with the promoter of Catalaya is attached.

9. The Land for sale consists of two titled properties with a total area of 86 hectares and a continuous beach front of almost 2 km. It is very difficult to obtain titled land on Panamanian islands. There are also other lands of 60 hectares in the process of titling, adjacent to the titled properties, with a lot of beach, which are also sold. The total beach front would reach 3.2 km.

 10. It would be desirable to obtain one or several clients who would buy the majority of the land for large projects. We want to avoid selling small portions because later a large client may appear and it could affect, for a given project, the portions we would have sold. We do not need to receive all the payment for the sale at once and that is why we can enter into a negotiation on payment facilities.

11. As explained above, we cannot sell individual lots because some would be left without a beach. At the very least we should sell large multi-family lots, cooperatives or relatively small developments.

12. According to the characteristics of the land, it has been determined that the minimum sales lot would be 4 hectares, that is, 40,000 M2 with 60 linear meters of beach. At a price from U$15.00 per meter (US$800,000.00). The greater the purchase there will be a price reduction.

13. The land has two small ports to access them. One is 300 meters from the beach and the other 500. There is a main road, parallel to the beach, that connects the two ports, and secondary roads, every certain distance towards the beach. They also have 2 deep, high-performance wells with totally clean water.

14. As the land is flat, it is ideal for building an airstrip if necessary.

15 The land is offered connected to the national electricity network, which enables you to live with all the comforts of life.

16. The lands have been under the ownership of the same family for the last 50 continuous years, without any type of litigation, without illegal occupants, or any encumbrance.

17 It is necessary to highlight that we offer different purchase and sale options and payment flexibility. Our prices are very competitive because other tourist developments sell at prices up to 4 times higher, of course, they are much more developed land, but it is the same beach and we have more nature.

Welcome to Paradise!

Welcome to Playa Gaviota

Additional information

As explained in this note, the small port town of Boca Chica is the closest part to the mainland, and is separated by only 350 meters from the island.

Interested Contact Me:

Moises Camen

Broker License: PN-4868


KW Obarrio

Keller Williams

Real estate

License: PJ-1177-16

Cel: +50763710895

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  • Private
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  • Ocean


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