Panama offers discounts to promote tourism from Europe

Anatoly Gaviria Oct 14, 2019

The Panamanian authorities are focused on creating strategies to increase tourist entry and hotel occupancy in the country.

The Spanish airline Iberia and the Tourism Promotion Fund of Panama (Promtur) signed an agreement that, among other points, establishes discounts on Air tickets for tourists who wish to reach Panama from Europe.

Within the parameters established in the agreement is to offer a discount on ticket costs to all travelers who wish to travel from Europe make stays in Panama.

The plan is to offer competitive prices at very attractive rates within the international market. With this initiative Promtur maintains the expectation of receiving about 20 thousand new flights from Europe. At the same time, there are negotiations with other airlines in relation to several tourism sales campaigns in Panama as a host country for tourists.

The decrease in the number of tourists is due to the fact that many of those who come from Europe are unaware of Panama’s tourism offer as the country has not had an effective projection or campaign that has made tourists from Europe traveling to the region curious to come to Panama.

Iberia is currently establishing strategic points for tourism collaboration for Panama as: Make available to the country a magazine called ‘On Board’. Campaigns of digital ‘marketing’ on its website and social networks.

But it must also be acknowledged that it has failed to raise awareness about its attractions in matters of culture, gastronomy, history, nature and others.

In this regard, Liriola Pittí, the president of Promtur estimated that all the initiatives of the current administration will begin to give results in early 2020. At the beginning of next year there should be an increaseof the number of visits to the country and end the period in a positive way. The main task is that all projects can increase the number of stays to a maximum of five days.

According to Promtur records, currently the average daily expenditure made by a tourist is approximately $ 206 and the average time spent in Panama is three days.

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