Panama seeks to become a Pharmaceutical Hub

Anatoly Gaviria Dec 10, 2021

The pharmaceutical sector is focusing its efforts on the national distribution and manufacture of medicines through the promotion of the production of medicines in Panama.

The initiative seeks to improve, not only the quality, but also the availability of drugs in the country through assistance to laboratories to gain market share and attract foreign manufacturers of generic drugs in order for Panama to become a manufacturing point of drugs at the regional level.

It will contribute to the launch of new products and will optimize the training of professionals from a technical and scientific point of view, which should result in lower prices and access to “cheaper” medicines according to Luis Francisco Sucre, Minister of Health.

The purpose of the Strategic Government Plan, which in its Pillar No. 3, is to create a competitive economy that generates jobs, and among its priority activities, the Promotion of a Value Added Pharmaceutical Hub, accompanied by an innovative drug processing center based on industrial and technological goods.

And through the homologation of the regulations that allow determining the equivalence of international products, with which the current sanitary regulations of Panama have in the Technical Regulations approved by the Council of Ministers of Economic Integration on April 28, 2021.

According to Luis Sucre, this achievement will allow the local pharmaceutical industry to align itself with international requirements and thus more easily enter and export medicines to the Central American market.

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