Panamanian ports receive more than 402,000 travelers during the cruise season

The National Migration Service (SNM) reported that during the “2022-2023 Cruise Season” they have served over 400,000 people between passengers and crew, who arrived in Panamanian waters on 67 cruise ships.

The entity mentioned that, in the islands and ports of the Atlantic, the staff verified 184,368 tourists and 90,549 crew members, while in the Pacific 81,704 tourists and 46,236 crew members were attended.

The actions are carried out by the “Cruise Service Operational Plan”, prepared by the Ministry of Public Security, in coordination with the security forces, which guarantees safety to travelers and crew members during their stay.

The SNM also pointed out that the work of the units begins before the ship arrives in Panamanian waters, and that immigration inspectors verify the information of tourists and crew members inside the ships, with online technology, in an agile, fast and safe manner.

According to the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), during the 2022 cruise season, more than 100,000 tourists visited Panama. On average, each base port cruiser spends an estimated $315.00, while those in transit spend $150.00 on their visit.






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