Works on Fourth bridge over the Panama Canal are progressing well

Anatoly Gaviria Aug 15, 2019

Preliminary works on a fourth bridge over the Panama Canal are progressing well, according to information from the national government.

The bridge will have an extension of 3,950 meters, contemplating the length of the cable-stayed bridge and its road system, consisting of access viaducts and interchanges.

The first stroke marks the beginning of the construction phase that has five work fronts, which will advance simultaneously, along the alignment of the project. it is estimated according to the execution schedule, that the works finish in a period of 54 months.

The fourth bridge over the Panama Canal has an investment amount of $ 1,420,027,324.73. It is expected to alleviate traffic congestion which directly benefit the circulation of more than 130 thousand daily vehicles. It will be a continuation of the Corredor Norte highway to Panamá Oeste province, connecting with the Pan-American highway, which also crosses the canal, allowing users to travel from the Tocumen area to the region west of the canal without having to go through the city.

Works for the cleanup and remediation of unexploded ordnance (UXO) are also being performed at the site.

Meanwhile, the environment ministry has already certified that the category III EIA submitted for the project is still valid, and that the consortium is performing all the environmental measures outlined in the assessment.

The consortium signed the US$1.42bn contract for the bridge at the end of last year.

The cable-stayed toll bridge will have eight lanes, six for vehicles and two central ones for the future metro line No. 3. There will also be two emergency lanes.

Two interchanges will be built at each end of the canal.

Construction is expected to take 60 months and the bridge is designed to have a lifespan of 100 years.

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