A guide to living and working in Panama City

Aetna International Nov 28, 2018

Panama is renowned as a top destination for expats, but what is it about Panama City that makes it such a great place to live and work? Awarded 8th place for career prospects and satisfaction in Internations’ Expat Insider 2018, it’s clearly an attractive option for those looking to secure a career here. This article will look into the opportunities that Panama City offers, providing useful information on lifestyle, healthcare and culture so you know what to expect upon arrival.

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Property taxes in Panama: Moratorium

Beth Gray - Gray & Co. Oct 19, 2017

For about a year now, Panama has debated decentralized government. It will use property taxes to assist local city councils in this endeavour. Resistance to change has been very vocal, especially as scaremongering occurred: You will lose your homes. If you fail to pay your property taxes, your home will be taken from you. This is just another measure of expropriation. At the end of August, Bill 509 was sent back to first debate for re-drafting after a public outcry. It went through a lengthy second debate.

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The City of Old Panama

Anatoly Gaviria Jul 12, 2017

Old Panama was founded by Pedrarias Davila on August 15, 1519. It became the first European establishment in the Pacific. The city was used as a passage for the gold coming from Peru to Portobelo and Nombre de Dios where it was shipped and send to Span. In 1671, one thousand men led by Henry Morgan ascend through the Chagres River to the city, which was completely sacked.

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