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Santa Catalina
Property Type
Single Family House
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$ 250,000
Date Published
Nov 16, 2023
Jan 9, 2024
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Incredible property with more than 1000 square meters.

The property has built two small houses, which can be rented on a seasonal basis. 

The houses are newly built and furnished.

The property is 100 meters from the main gate of the residential, providing maximum security to its guests and residents.

The property is also a 5 minute walk from the Ola de Santa Catalina, the Point. One of the most famous waves in Central America for surfing.

The property is a 10 minute walk down an exclusive path to the beach. Trail created among the trees, nature and reused materials to maintain the biodiversity of the place.

Apart from the two small houses that the property has, it also has a warehouse, water and electricity.


We welcome you to be part of our new amazing community, ''Santa Catalina Villas'', offering residential, commercial, and mixed-used properties surrounded with green belts, parks, and beaches.

Only 7 exclusive residential Homes makes up phase 1 of the villas, Santa Catalina’s only gated residential community. Rent while you are away with our optional property management service.

10 exclusive mixed-use park lots surround the park, where future hostels, restaurants, Cafe's and shops will surround Santa Catalina's only public use park, just 200 meters from the beach.

Exclusive commercial properties are available for sale facing the asphalt road, just a stone throw from Santa Catalina's only public park, gated community, beaches and restaurants. These mixed use lots are suitable for a supermarket, pharmacy, shops, laundry, bank, and other tourism related businesses.

''SANTA CATALINA VILLAS'' are located just 200 meters from the Surf Point or Estero beach, and just 500 meters from the village center.

About Santa Catalina:

Santa Catalina is one of the most visited places in Panama and Central America, located on the Pacific Ocean in the Veraguas Province with one of the most popular beaches for surfing. It also has the Coiba National Park that is one of the largest marine parks in the world and it is located just one hour by boat ride from Santa Catalina beach. In Santa Catalina, you can also enjoy hiking, extreme sports, scuba diving, spear fishing, deep-sea sport fishing, kayaking and more. You can also enjoy the Playa Estero beach, which is only 10-15 minutes walking distance from this property and on the east side of this beach you will find Punta Brava, another important surfing point.

Santa Catalina also has surf schools on Playa Estero beach, where you can rent surfboards and take surf lessons. It has a very pleasant environment with its green landscapes and other amenities, many restaurants, and plenty of family activities. Also nearby is Santa Catalina Island, just a 2-minute boat ride or short kayak or SUP paddle from Santa Catalina village beach, offering white sand beaches, snorkeling, and fishing. Santa Catalina is a destination where you will have tranquility, peace and many outdoor activities to enjoy as a family. 

Properties in Santa Catalina have consistently appreciated over the last 30 years. Today, Santa Catalina is a tourist destination, and much of the small community's income and industry is derived through tourism.

Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is located in the province of Veraguas. It was once a sleepy fishing village that had been unexplored until the seventies. The location had been a secret kept by surfers in order to protect its exclusivity. Today it still maintains that exclusivity considering that it is still a relatively long drive to get to an ATM machine.

Santa Catalina is a tropical heaven offering world class surfing locations. The closest access point is Isla Coiba. The town has one main street that goes into the beach and here you can find boats that are used for fishing, surfing, and scuba diving enthusiasts.

Some of the most popular activities are:


One of the most popular sports carried out, as there exists some of the biggest waves that veteran surfers enjoy riding all through the year. Those who are still not yet experienced can visit Estero that has smaller waves that are consistent and easy to manage. It also has several surf camps doted all over the beach where one can easily horn their skills and rent boards.


It is common to view an army of seabirds diving for baitfish driven up by the huge schools of tuna fish. The typical weather condition and warm waters make it the perfect seasonal home for many sea creatures that are trying to escape the winters in both hemispheres giving action all through the year.

Scuba diving

Another activity that allows guests to view the spectacular range of the different types of fish that are numerous in number. The trips allow one to have a good view of eels, crabs, lobster, and other creatures that thrive on reefs, one also gets the chance to view the breath taking corals located at the bottom ranges. Some areas are still virtually unexplored and chances of being one of the first visitors are high which is something that cannot be mentioned about many areas of the world.

Eco tours

Eco tours are popular throughout the region and include day and night trips to and from the Coiba Island these are run by local businesses. Some of the activities include guided as well as own driven tours of the island using Kayaks provided by international companies in the area. The businesses also offer a variety of other services including yoga massages. An advance planning and booking is advised for best pleasure and relaxation.


Bird watchers have the chance to observe an endless assortment of birds within their natural unspoilt habitats in and around Coiba Island. Some of the most popular choices include the scarlet macaw and parrots that are easy to spot among the hills. The island itself is a UNESCO protected zone and is part of a national park.

Contact Jon at +(507)6672-0089 in Panama by call or whatsapp for more information and to schedule an appointment to see these spectacular lots.

Property Features

  • Beach
  • Great
  • On Quiet Road
  • Near Congress-Centre
  • Frequency location
  • Downtown
  • Concrete
  • Modern
  • Garage


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