Panama Provinces


Chiriqui is located at the southwest extreme of the Republic of Panama, and has a surface area of about 8,653.263 km2. Chiriqui has received world wide interest as an ideal area for retirement, due to its comfortable climates and beautiful surrounding nature.


Colon is the 2nd largest city of the Republic of Panama and situated at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal. Colon is located about 50 miles from Panama City and the commute by car takes about 1 hour.

Los Santos

Los Santos is the 3rd largest central province of Panama and is located on the Azuero Peninsula. The province of Los Santos is a province that predominantly dedicates itself to agriculture and cattle as well as locals crafts such as ceramics, jewelry and metal work.


Veraguas is located to Central-West of the Republic of Panama. It has 11,239,3 km2 and is divided in eleven districts (Watchtower, Calobre, Cañazas, La Tabla, Las Palmas, Montijo, Río de Jesús, San Francisco, Santa Fé, Santiago, Soná).


Herrera borders on the North with Cocle, South with Los Santos, North/Northeast with Veraguas and East with the Pacific Ocean (Parita Bay).

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is located in the Caribbean of Panama, to the west of the country. Bocas del Toro is mostly covered by jungle and virgin forests and it can be described as a land of contrasts.


Darien is a natural jewel and considered and world patromony by UNESCO for its extensive rainforests and huge variety of flora and fauna. Darien is the largest province of Panama, as well as the least populated with a population of 40,000 inhabitants.