Retirement Incentives

Panama offers an attractive incentive program for retirees, when coupled with it's warm, hurricane-free weather, low crime rate, US dollar currency, access to first-class private medical facilities and tax advantages, Panama is an excellent retirement or vacation home destination.  

A partial list of retiree incentives and benefits include:

  • Household goods can be brought in to Panama free of taxes.
  • New cars can be brought in duty free every two years.
  • Discounts between 15% and 50% are offered on hotels, restaurants, movies, many professional services etc.
  • Panama is a safe country.
  • Panama City has a modern, American-style infrastructure due to the near 100 year presence of the Americans in Panama.
  • Broad-band Internet connectivity, cellular phone networks and ADSL in-home phone capability are readily accessible throughout most of Panama.
  • Full-service satellite and cable TV are also very common.
  • Panama has an ideal climate.
  • Panama has excellent private health care facilities on a par with the United States.
  • Panama is close to you, with direct flights to approximately 40 different countries World-wide.
  • Retirement visa requirements are minimal.
  • Foreigners can buy and own property in Panama enjoying the same rights and protections as Panamanians.
  • English is the second language in Panama and is widely spoken.