"Your Opportunity in the Heart of Nature: 65 Hectares with Water Resources and Prime Access" Pixvae!!!

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$ 260,000
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650,000 m2
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May 15, 2024
May 30, 2024
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"Your Opportunity in the Heart of Nature: 65 Hectares with Water Resources and Prime Access" Pixvae!!!

Property Title

  • The property in question spans 65 hectares and boasts a prime location adjacent to a forest reserve, providing a unique natural environment with rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes.
  • Access to the property is initially through Pixvae Airport, which serves as the main entry point. From there, a 2-kilometer dirt road must be traversed. This path can be navigated by car during the dry season (summer) when road conditions permit. However, during the rainy season (winter), access becomes more challenging, requiring the use of horses or traveling on foot due to the muddy and slippery terrain.
  • Within the property, there is a stream that provides a constant water supply throughout the year. This water resource is vital for both the local ecosystem and any agricultural or livestock activities that may be undertaken on the property.
  • The property consists of various areas with different characteristics. A significant portion is virgin forest, which has remained untouched and undeveloped, harboring a wide variety of native flora and fauna. Another portion of the property consists of secondary growth (rastrojo), areas of vegetation that have begun to recover after previously being used for agriculture or livestock.
  • Additionally, there are sections of the property that were cleared specifically for livestock activities. These areas may be partially covered with grass and are suitable for grazing animals. However, due to the mix of virgin land and previously exploited areas, the property offers multiple possibilities for development, whether for nature conservation, ecotourism projects, agricultural activities, or a combination of these.
  • In summary, this 65-hectare property, with access through Pixvae Airport and a 2-kilometer dirt road, features a constantly active stream, virgin forests, secondary growth areas, and cleared zones for livestock, providing a diversified and highly potential environment.


Pixvae is a community nestled on the Pacific coast of Panama, specifically in the village of Las Palmas, province of Veraguas, located in a privileged point of the national geography, as it is one of the access roads to Coiba National Park. It has a population of 820 inhabitants (2010) according to the last census.

The community of Pixvae can be reached by land from Soná head, in an internal or private 4x4 vehicle, although the road is rocky and mountainous, following the road from the village of Calidonia, which then continues with a road that runs through several communities until it reaches the coast. The poor condition of the road means that it takes more than 2 hours to travel 46 kilometers. 

In Pixvae, most of the families live from fishing, subsistence agriculture, and now tourism. Although the area has an impressive natural wealth, its inhabitants have not been able to take advantage of it due to the poor accessibility of the site by land.

Its climate is quite cool, a little colder in the northern part, in the area called "La Sierra", where rain is frequent throughout the year.

Among the nearby communities are Pixvae cabecera, Pajarón, Lovaina, Pajaroncito, Nuevo Pixvae and El Rosario, in the district of Las Palmas, and Salmonete, Bahía Honda and others, in the south of Soná.

The town, located within the buffer zone of Coiba National Park, has four white sand beaches and crystal clear waters (Pixvae, Pajarón, Pajaroncito and El Rosario), as well as rivers, coves and mountainous landscapes of great beauty.

Although the area has beaches with crystalline waters such as Pajarón and Pixvae, charming coves, rivers and impressive landscapes, it has not been promoted as a tourist destination because it would be complicated for the visitor to get there and for this reason many tourists go elsewhere. However, when a tourist arrives to the community of Pixvae, he/she is impressed with the landscape and especially with the beaches of crystalline waters.

Pixvae has several hostels, houses and cabins to accommodate tourists comfortably, but without luxuries. 

You can also snorkel, as there are numerous species of colorful fish, turtles, manta rays and others. In addition, the residents are friendly and have invested in boats and motorboats for tours among the mangroves, islands and coasts. Several of them have received training as guides or in cooking and offer travelers delicious culinary experiences, especially seafood.

Property Features

  • Near Restaurants
  • Near Amenities
  • Mountains
  • Unfurnished
  • Lagoon View
  • Sunset
  • Sunrise
  • Park
  • Marina
  • Garden
  • Beach
  • Open
  • Ocean
  • Mountain
  • Great
  • Near Fishing Village
  • Near Medical Center
  • By the sea
  • Private
  • On Quiet Road
  • On Busy Road
  • Near to wood
  • Near Shops
  • Near Public Transportation
  • Near Hospital
  • Near Highway
  • Near Congress-Centre
  • Near Bus
  • Near Beach
  • Near Airport
  • Good reachable traffic
  • Frequency location
  • Downtown


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