Geographic center of Panama, Central Park of Penonome.

The province of Cocle makes up Panama's geographic center of Panama and is surrounded by the provinces of Panama on the West, Colon to the North, Herrera to the South and Veraguas to the East. The capital is the city of Penonomé.

In recent years Cocle has become home to several major resorts including the Decameron Resort, Buenaventura and Playa Blanca Resort to name a few.

One of the most popular locations in Cocle is El Valle which offers beautiful mountain surroundings, cool temperatures, immaculate gardens, thermal hot springs, and waterfalls. El Palmar is another great location for its beautiful beach and surfing.

Cocle is s also very well known for its local hand made crafts which include Typical Hats, and folkloric items.

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