Veraguas is one of the 9 provinces of the Republic of Panama, located in the centre-west of the country. The capital, Santiago, was founded in 1636 and it is one of the cities with great economic growth in the country. It is the only province in Panama with coasts in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Veraguas was explored by Christopher Columbus as he tried to establish a colony in the new Spanish mainland but was unsuccessful due to attacks from native Indians. It is said that its name comes from the indigenous word 'Veracua' or 'Viragua'.

It offers to the visitor a close contact with the nature, forests, mountains, coasts and islands where there are more than 200 varieties of orchids; more than 400 species of birds, besides mammals, reptiles and insects.

Beaches such as Playa Santa Catalina, one of best beaches in America for the practice of surfing, Playa de Mariato, Malena and Torio offer great places for recreation, fishing and surfing.

Veraguas has a lot to offer. From its great variety of flora and fauna to national parks, beaches, traditions, customs and legends.

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