Pedasi is located along the southeastern part of the Azuero Peninsula. The village is part of the Pedasi District as well as the Los Santos province. It is known for being a fishing region.

The small village includes several restaurants, shops and supermarkets, two banks, and one library and health clinic. It is the home town of former president Mireya Moscoso, and during her term, the town of Pedasi benefited greatly in the form of good roads, lighting and other infrastructure. There is cable, Internet and telephone service available throughout the jurisdiction. The area is known for hosting annual carnivals, its pristine beaches, and water-related activities, such as surfing, sports fishing and diving. It is also located near many of national preserves and parks of Panama.

Pedasi has beautiful architecture and clean streets. It has a primary road, plaza and several civic places that are surrounded by quiet residential homes. It is known for being one of the main attractions in the Los Santos area. The town is only a car drive, five hours, away from Panama City. Charter and private flights are available in and out via the small airstrip.

This land is surrounded by beaches. This is why many tourists choose this town when seeking out a place for water activities and sports. Surfing is among the biggest of attractions, particularly at the beach called Playa Venao. Mot surfers will find that most beaches offer a decent set up to catch waves. Sport fishing is also quite popular. Pelagic game fish are common in the region because the continental shelf drops off near the shore. Some year-round fish for this area: snapper, amberjack, grouper, sailfish, and roosterfish. Seasonal catch: yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna and wahoo.

An island wildlife refuge called Isla Iguana is a short boat ride from the Playa El Arenal. This area has beaches filled with white sand because of coral reef that surrounds the island. Numerous species of animals, including sea turtles, birds, rays, fish, eels and reptiles live in this area.

Most Pedasi townspeople are considered friendly and laidback. They offer a warm welcome to visitors. Most men wear cuttarras, traditional-style sandals, and folkloric white and black hats. The women, particularly during festivities, wear traditional dresses that are hand stitched and include intricate details.

In February, an annual carnival is held. This is considered the high point of the local scene. The town is divided into to sects: the lower street, Calle Abajo, and the upper street, Calle Arriba. Each has their respective queens that try to outdo the other queen with the best floats, fireworks and music display. When the celebration is complete, a popular vote is taken and the winning queen is selected.

Despite its small population of only a couple thousand people, the town is full of activities and festivities that attract visitors every year.

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