Property in Cebaco Island for Sale

Property in Cebaco Island for Sale
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For Sale
Cebaco Island
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$ 490,000
Total Area
19821 m2
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Property Title
Date Published
Nov 5, 2021
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Property Description

Property in Cebaco Island for Sale

Status: Title

Size of the property to be sold w/o Servidedumbre: 1 HAS + 8391.54 m2* (includes 65mts of beach front)

Size of the property to be sold with Servidedumbre: 1 HAS + 9821.54 m2* (includes 65mts of beach front)

Description of structures and developments currently on the property:

Main house with 2 floors, with two bedrooms and balconies and 1 bathroom on the second floor. 1st floor with living room,

kitchen, laundry room and hallway around the house.

Independent open structure for dining and living room.

Independent bathroom structure for visitors: 2 toilets, 2 sinks and 2 showers.

Independent structure with 2 rooms for 3 or 4 persons each one, with 1 double bed (Full Size) and 1 bunk bed in each one. Both

with private bathroom and terrace.

2 independent cabins for 3 people each one, with double bed (queen size) and 1 single bed in each one, with private

bathroom and terrace.

Independent storage room/structure for water suction equipment (water pumps).

Concrete and PVC water storage tank (1000 gl).

Septic Tank.

Assets included with the property sale:

Solar power generation system: 6 batteries, 1 controller and 1 electric converter and 3 solar panels.

2 water pumps.

1 gas/propane refrigerator.

Rooms complete with beds and mattresses & dining rooms with chairs.

* Approximate measurements, which will be validated once the surveyor measures the land.


Highlights of property  Cebaco Island is located in the province of Veraguas, nestled between nationally protected marine areas in the Gulf of Montijo and the buffer zone of Coiba Island National Park.

Cebaco Island is in the underwater ridge connecting the Galapagos Islands and the Costa Rican Island Coco. ´ A relatively unknown Central American gem, nearly 20,0000-acre island is the third largest island in Panama (after Coiba Island and Isla del Rey, respectively).

This private tropical island is located less than five miles from Panama’s (Mariato and Torio) Pacific coast and less than an hour away from Santa Catalina. ´ There are many hidden beaches flanked with palms, clear turquoise seas and dense rainforest dotted with waterfalls, lagoons, many rivers and caves that are the hallmarks of Cebaco Island.

Cebaco Island is an amazing destination for touristic development (Eco-Lodge or Hotel), whale spotting, fishing, hiking, surfing, snorkeling and island hopping.

Cebaco Island has a population of about 500 people, mainly distributed in communities along the north coast.

The communities, The Bonguito, El Ranchito, El Roble, Tiradero, La Chonta, El Centro, El Jobo (the largest and most developed), Los Almácigos, Platanares and Playa Grande, are mostly engaged in agriculture, livestock, fishing and craft and trade activities.

Right out in front of the property, is a beautiful and calm bay ideal for develop a dock for boats.

Location of Property 7°33´08.9 N” 81°03´19.1”W


Province: Veraguas

District: Mariato

 Township: Cebaco

Place: El Pajal

Finca o Ficha: Código de Ubicación 9511, Folio Real N° 30366591, Asiento N° 1Folio Electrónico, Asiento N °2 Adjudicación de Baldíos Nacionales.

Base Mariato 845262.83 501181.91 REINA 1 842373.65 500716.413



Cébaco is an island located southwest of Panama, specifically south of the Gulf of Montijo, in the Pacific Ocean, south of the province of Veraguas and about 15 km west of the Azuero Peninsula. Administratively it is part of the district of Montijo. It has an area of 80 km² and is the third largest island in the country (surpassed only by Coiba and Isla del Rey).

Geographically, it has an elongated shape, between 2 and 5 km wide and 25 km long, extending from east to west. In the west are the highest elevations, highlighting the Cerro Chichica (349 m). The island has some geographic features such as Punta Surrones (extreme western point); Punta Chichica and Punta Puerto Hondo, on the southern coast; and Punta Campana (extreme eastern point).1

About 3 km northwest of Cébaco is the smaller Isla Gobernadora, where the town of Gobernadora, head of the Gobernadora district, to which Cébaco belongs, is located. Also west of Cébaco is Coiba Island, the largest island in the country.

On the island there is a small local population that is dedicated especially to fishing, although in recent years sport fishing, promoted by tourists, has been practiced in this area.

Property Features

  • Ocean View
  • Beachfront


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