36-hectare farm betweeen David and Barqueta with great potential

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Property Details

Property ID
For Sale
Property Type
Commercial Lot
Sale Price
$ 600,000 - $ 1,800,000
Price per m2
$ 5
Total Area
36 ha
Title Status
Property Title
Date Published
Nov 14, 2015
Nov 17, 2015
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Property Description

This farm is on the road that leads from David to Querévao, just a few minutes from David and also from the tourist development area La Barqueta. It lies in the community of Querévalo, district of Alanje, province of Chiriquí, and has a size of about 36 hectares.

David is growing towards the ocean so that this property has a great real-estate potential. (At the moment is is being used for agricultural purposes). A baseball stadium has been planned and approved and the construction is expected to be taken up again in the near future. In the vicinity a new Commercial Centre has been built and just 6 minutes away from the property, low-cost housing projects for middle-class families are being constructed. The seller has already sold a neighbouring piece of land for this purpose. Such projects are in great demand, as young middle-class families are now earning enough money to buy a family house, but there is not much on the market .

Its proximity to the second largest town in Panama and also to the beach makes this property a very attractive proposition for investors. You can either buy and construct now or buy and wait for the prices to increase even more and build then.

The farm has a solid topography and is flat at the level of the road, thus offering itself to the development of houses and shops. Electricity is available on the main road and there is a well on the property. sub-terranean water has been found in the area, thus enabling self-supplying water and independence from any municipal water. A secondary road  at the rear of the farm increases the accessibility even more and agricultural roads pass through the property.

There is the possibility of subdividing the property into smaller parcels and three lots have been defined, each one with access to the main road via an easement of 15 metres width and 500 metres length. In addition, lot number 1 has direct access to the main road. The meterage is approximate, as the subdivision would take place at the moment of the sale.

The sizes and the prices of the three lots would be: 

Lot 1 has 14.3 hectares and the price is $7.00 per m2. This lot has metres of road frontage, which are very valuable for shops. A small strip mall for instance would be welcomed in the area. 

Lot 2 has 10.1 hectares and lot 3 has 10.9 hectares. The price for both is $6.00 per m2.

Prices are negotiable and the seller is flexible. any segregation will be paid by the seller.


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