About Panama

The City of Old Panama

Old Panama was founded by Pedrarias Davila becoming the first European establishment in the Pacific.

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What is your motivation for moving to Panama?

Before considering Panama as an option for you, itís of paramount importance to have a clear understanding of what your motives are for considering Panama.


Tourism in the Republic of Panama

With so much to offer it's no wonder why Panama is one of the greatest and most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Living & Investing

Panama Realtor's guide to Panama Real Estate Taxes

In order to know how much is owed in real estate taxes, it is recommended to solicit a NIT or Tax ID number.

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Panama: a Geographic Hub, with Incentives for Growth and a Promising Future

Panama has always had a great location geographically, commercially and culturally in Central America. It is considered the hub of the Americas.

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Atlantic (Caribbean) Ėvs- Pacific Coasts of Panama

The Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of Panama are separated by only 50 miles at their narrowest point, but there is a huge difference between the two.

Islands & Beaches

Four Fun Things to do in El Valle Panama

El Valle is a beautiful mountain area with many fun-filled activities and a wide variety of places to see.


Essential Aspects about Touring and Living in Panama

Panama offers a truly exhilarating vacation experience that will fit newlyweds, group of friends or families' love for the great outdoors.

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The Importance Of The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a vital waterway that joins the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

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Why You Should Buy Property in Altos del Maria Panama

One of the best areas in the mountains is Altos del Maria which is located just over an hourís drive to Panama City.