Living & Investing

Relocating Abroad: Ahhhh!


Moving is exciting for some and dreadful for others. The chore of packing all your personal belongings, making new friends and confronting the unknown can be daunting. However, a change of scenery, great job opportunity or better lifes... more

Penonome: A Town on the Rise


Penonome is the capital city of the Province of Cocle, which begins with the Pacific salt flats and slopes though cane fields to stunning waterfalls framed with tropical orchids and the lush, virgin mountain peaks of the continental di... more

Making it to Panama


To mix things up, I often like to walk sideways into the photocopier at work. I can do this because it’s a very relaxed environment down here and for most people I know in Panama, work is both an interlude and a part of the Panam... more

Don't Drink The Lemonade


My college years were spent dreading the day I would be released into the American workforce, an act in itself a forerunner to despair. Although my experience and GPA may have looked good on paper, I knew in my heart that my employer, ... more

Azuero Peninsula Story


Panama is undergoing a transformation of sorts. The real estate boom in the city has reached walloping proportions and the embryonic tourism sector is preparing to explode like a seagull on Alka-Seltzer. Couple that with the widening o... more