Real Estate

Getting a Screaming Deal in Panama


Keys to Buying Property in Emerging Markets Many people who invest in real estate in foreign countries are not smart about how they do it. They may search on the Internet for something that looks pretty, go and spend a few days in a l... more

How to Lower your Property Taxes


If you have purchased real estate in Panama, or are planning on doing so the following may significantly lower your property taxesLaw 21 of the fifteenth of April of 2008 establishes extensions to the tax exonerations set forth by Law ... more

New Property Tax Law in Panama


A new tax law has been recently approved and it has been put in force. Many changes have been made to the tax law that still need to be reviewed, but here we list the most important ones concerning real estate properties. The mai... more

Property Tax Exonerations Extended


The Consejo de Gabinete has approved an extension of the 20-year property tax exemption for apartments and houses, according to minister of Housing Balbina Herrera. The measure applies to projects whose building permits are issued befo... more