Pearl Islands Of Panama (Las Perlas Archipelago)

February 6, 2004
Located off the Pacific coast of Panama lies one of the country’s most valuable treasures, the Pearl Islands. The magnificence of the Pearl Islands is most evident in the pristine natural beauty, abounding marine life and rich history of its 130 plus islands and islets.

Sport fishing is second to none in the Pearl Islands; in fact, over 200 International Game and Fishing Association (IFGA) records have been broken in the waters surrounding the Pearl Islands. It is commonplace to see such marine life as dolphins, whales, sea turtles and whale sharks (as impressive in their size as in their gentleness) cruising between the Pearl Island’s many colorful, underwater coral gardens, and secluded sandy beaches. If fishing is not your cup of tea, you need not worry, there are plenty of reefs, rock walls, and caves for divers of all levels of expertise, not to mention several intense breaks for you surfers.

The rich history of the Pearl Islands is alluring to say the least. The Pearl Islands have hosted such pirates and explorers as Sir Francis Drake, Henry Morgan and Balboa. At one point in history, the Archipelago of Las Perlas was famous for its Pearls. Its most famous gem is a 31-carat, 400-year-old Peregrine pearl, now owned by Elizabeth Taylor. Its previous owners included the Queen of Spain, a French Emperor and an English Queen. In more recent times, the Pearl Islands have hosted personalities such as the Shaw of Iran, who sought refuge after being exiled from his own country, John Wayne, who loved Panama so much that he bought an island by the name of Taborcillo as his own private retreat, Julio Inglesias, Jimmy Buffet, Guy Harvey, Pierce Brosnan and most recently, the cast of CBS’s reality show, Survivor.