Montanas de Caldera

Minutes from the David – Boquete highway, on the immaculate Caldera Road, just 28 km north of David and 12km south of Boquete, stands the impressive new residential-tourist community of Montañas de Caldera.

Caldera and Boquete are located in the province of Chiriqui, the project has an altitude of about 2,800 feet. Caldera boasts a comfortable year-round climate which ranges between 55°-85° F.

Montañas de Caldera is located just 45 minutes from the warm city of David. The area is often referred to as the region of eternal spring and Boquete is known as the city of flowers and coffee.

Boquete was founded on April 11th 1911 and its first inhabitants were originally from other districts as well as inhabitants from Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Germany and North America. For this reason, its properties, farms and houses are a showcase of reminiscences from styles of architecture that are traced back to these countries.

The cultivation of flowers, fruits, coffee and a variety of garden produce stand out as one of the principal sources of work for the people of Boquete. As a producer of coffee, Boquete holds the first place, and the quality of the grain is the best in the Republic.

The steep mountains of Boquete are inhabited by a group of Indians called Gnobe Bugle which are better known as Guaymies. They are known best for their colorful beaded crafts, baskets, dresses and woven bags.

Real Estate in Chiriqui Highlands has been appreciating very steadily in the last 5 years due to several factors:

  1. Chiriqui highland real estate has near perfect weather which is ideal for active retirement living and outdoor activities such as birding, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, etc.
  2. Chiriqui highland real estate has rich, fertile soil which is ideal for floral exportation, coffee growing and various other agricultural products. In recent years gourmet and organic coffee produced in the Boquete region has fetched record breaking retail prices.
  3. The natural beauty that can be found in and around Boquete has also attracted a growing number of residential and resort developments for the area to suit the growing influx of expat retirees.

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