Chiriqui is located at the southwest extreme of the Republic of Panama, and has a surface area of about 8,653.263 km2. Chiriqui has received world wide interest as an ideal area for retirement, due to its comfortable climates, low cost of living and beautiful surrounding nature. Chiriqui is also a very large agricultural center, and in recent years has been noted for it’s gourmet coffee.

On the north Chiriqui borders with the Province of Bocas del Toro, to the South with the Pacific Ocean and to the east with the Province of Veraguas and to the West with Costa Rica.

The natural landscape of the Province of Chiriqui displays extreme contrasts, encompassing from coastal plains to dramatic mountains with altitudes in excess of 3000 meters.

The Highlands of Chiriqui are of volcanic origin and these occupy most for the territory along the Central Mountain Range. The cool highland climate is characteristic of the more elevated areas of the Province; mainly enjoyed in Cerro Punta, Volcan and Boquete. In these zones the rainfall is abundant, almost nine months out of the year, all of which contribute nicely to the climate of this region.

The diversity of climate and regions within Chiriqui make it one of the most productive provinces of the county. The coffee and oranges from Boquete are considered among the best, as are the strawberries from Cerro Punta.

David is the capital of the province and has a population of about 120,000 and is the countries 3rd most populated city. The town center is known as Barrio Bolivar, and within the town center stands the Saint Joseph Cathedral. David is a colonial town, and one of its many attractions is the Jose de Obaldia History and Art Museum in honor of the founder of the province.

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