Colon is the 2nd largest city of the Republic of Panama and situated at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal. Colon is located about 50 miles from Panama City and the commute by car takes about 1 hour.

Colon is home to Colon Free Trade Zone which is the 2nd largest free trade zone in the world. The Colon Free Trade Zone offers firms exemption from tax on all import and export movements. This generous tax regime has attracted around 1,750 merchants generating exports and re-exports estimated to be worth $11 billion per year.

Colon is also home to Panama's Major Cruise Passenger Ports. This year nearly 300,000 tourists have arrived to Colon 2000 and Terminal 6, the two new cruise passenger terminals on Panama’s Atlantic Coast.

The Caribbean beaches of Colon are gorgeous and rich with biodiversity and history dating back to early Spanish Colonial days. They have stunning coral reefs, which are excellent for snorkeling and diving.

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