La Chorrera is an up and coming town located off of the Interamerican Highway just 30 km west of Panama City.   It is one of the larger cities of Panama with a population of over 160,000 people as per the 2010 census. 

La Chorrera is best known for its county fair, La Feria de Chorrera and especially well known for their corn meal based Bollos and corn drink called Chicheme.  

La Chorrera is located just 30-40 minutes drive from Panama City, and is a very well developmed town which offers many of the same conveniences as Panama City, including supermarkets, banks, a newly constructed Westland Mall, as well as medical centers and beaches just 7 km away. 

La Chorrera has a warm tropical climate with a heavy rainy season from the months of May to November.  The area is also an acricultural producer including attle-raising, pinapple, rice, coffee, oranges, yucca, beans and sugar cane. 

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