Los Pozos

The mountain real estate of Los Pozos has beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and is about a 20 minute drive from several of Panama´s Pacific Coast Beaches.  Because of its higher altitude, it booasts a very cool, comfortable climate.

The proximity of Los Pozos to the residential expat community of Altos del Maria and El Valle where the price of land varies from about 20-40 USD per m2 and up compared to just a fraction of that price in Los Pozos.

Los Pozos is located just 15-20 minutes from the Interamerican Highway compared to the 45-60 minutes it takes to traverse the narrow, curvy, one-lane, mountain roads to El Valle and Altos del Maria. As a result Los Pozos is much closer to the beaches, restaurants, supermarkets, veteranary and medical clinics, banks, golf courses and basically all of the conveniences located just off of the Pacific Coast.

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