Punta Chame

overhead views of the Peninsula of Punta Chame

Punta Chame has a very unique geography. It is basically finger shaped and actually has ocean on both sides of the white sand-lined projection.

Because of the layout of the land, it is an exceptional area for shrimping and windsports, specifically wind sailing and kite surfing.

There are about 35 km of white sand beaches that make up the finger, and it would take approximately 8 hours to walk from the base of the finger around the point to the other end of the finger shaped projection.

Punta Chame is located approximately 40 minutes from the more well known area of Coronado which features a resort that has a Fazio designed, championship golf course, professional tennis courts, a beach club, equestrian club, a full spa with trained staff, outdoor Jacuzzis surrounded by beautiful gardens, an Olympic sized swimming pool, 4 restaurants, 4 bars, conference rooms and exclusive play areas for kids.

For the above reasons, and more, Punta Chame has become a hot spot for both foreigners and locals alike when it comes to beach front real estate for weekend and retirement homes.

The beachfront in Punta Chame is comprised of white sand with broad, endless beaches that go on for miles.

During the week you can usually have huge stretches of beach all to yourself.

Punta Chame is located about 1.5 hours from Panama City. One of the primary advantages of real estate in Punta Chame is that there is a significant amount of infrastructure within 30-35 minutes of the point already in place.

Punta Chame is located near the area of Farallon, which in recent years has been a real hot spot for Panama Real Estate. Such Resorts and residential communities as the Decameron Resort, Barcelo Resort, Vista Mar, Buena Ventura and Las Lagartijas have been springing up along Panama's Pacific Coast in the last 3-5 years.

Amenities associated with this stretch of beaches include: full scale supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants of every type and price range, medical and veterinary clinics, gardening centers, hardware stores, and outdoor markets etc.

Real estate values in Panama and primarily beachfront real estate along Panama's Pacific Coast areas have been appreciating very steadily, and as interest and growth increases so to do the real estate values.

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