Church Plaza of Penonome

Penonome is one of Panama’s last undiscovered treasures. It is the capital city of the province of Cocle and boasts beautiful mountain views, crystal clear rivers. Penonome plays a very important role in Panama’s agricultural industry, and is home to many ranches, and orchards.

It is also an area rich in Indian history, and petroglyphs can be found throughout much of this area, specifically in the area of La Pintada.

Throughout Penonome one can find various typical Spanish Colonial towns that have remained virtually untouched over time, and still hold their old world charm and beauty.

The province of Cocle, in which Penonome is located is also very well known for its local hand made crafts which include Typical Hats, and folkloric items.

Penonome is also a very festive town and boast the aquatic carnivals, the orange festival, tomato festival, and the sugar cane festival.

The main town of Penonome is located roughly 2 hours from Panama City.

Pros for Investing in Penonome:

  • It has sufficient infrastructure to live in full time.
  • Penonome is located less than 2 hours west of Panama City and has a stunning country side, with beautiful rivers and mountain vistas, and very quaint Historical Spanish Colonial towns based around a central church plaza.
  • While Penonome and the surrounding areas are growing by leaps and bounds, there are still many opportunities in the area for new businesses and services.
  • There is still lots of room for appreciation in Penonome and the nearby surrounding areas.
  • It is still very affordable to have a home with lots of acerage in the areas surrounding Penonome.
  • The people are very friendly and the area has a wonderful small town atmosphere.
  • Penonome is located about 15 mintues away from the nearest beach resorts, golf courses and casinos of farallon.  For these reasons and for its many festivals, is an ideal setting when you have guests in town...

Cons to Investing in Penonome:

  • It would be necessary to make periodic trips to Panama City for social events, and specialized medical care.

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