Cebaco Island

The island of Cebaco has 8,500 hectares with a population of roughly 650 people. The majority of the inhabitants are native fisherman and humble and hardworking.

This Island of Cebaco offers a phenomenal setting for scuba diving, snorkeling and many others aquatic sports.

In the mountains of the island one can find an abundance of  fruit, exotic tropical hardwood trees, and spectacular fresh water from the mountain springs. From the summit of the mountain one can get 360 º panoramic views.

The Island of Cebaco is located in the district of Montijo, province of Veraguas. You can weigh anchor from Mutis Port, is roughly 25 minutes from Santiago (Principal City of Veraguas) and 4 hours from the Panama City. The distance from the port to the island is relatively short, roughly 30 km from the port of Mutis.

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