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Isla Boca Brava exclusive titled waterfront development with all permits
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For Sale
Boca Chica
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$ 4,600,000
Total Area
56 ha
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Date Published
Oct 31, 2013
Mar 10, 2018
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Property Description

Investment-Development Opportunity for the Water-Man and Entrepreneur:

An Island in the Sun Isla Boca Brava, the esteemed gem of Boca Chica, located off the Pacific coast of Panama, is a permit ready, almost fully titled, waterfront property that beckons prime real estate. Whether you are a group of property investors, a developer or a private financier, Isla Brava is an investment-development opportunity that is the prospect of a lifetime. After an arduous period of scouting, Vesta Group has undertaken a wide variety of activities which now leaves the island ready for construction. With environmental impact studies complete, Master Plan approval from the Panamanian government and additional infrastructure in process, the land is prepared for 50 residential lots and a hotel, with all design concepts remaining available.

The overarching idea is to offer elite luxury in a natural setting and one of the main appeals of this emergent island development is most definitely the natural beauty it presents, truly making it priceless and unequaled.

The 140 acres of untouched land, with additional public space built in the plan, nearly one mile of coastline, natural bay marinas, and views of the neighboring archipelagos, Isla Brava is a distinctive destination unlike no other, and one you need to experience for yourself. The peaceful waters, located outside hurricane zones, with an evenly steady climate of 85 degrees F / 30 degrees C, make way for adventure. The clean beaches of white sand are ready to discover and explore.

Views reach as far as the Baru Volcano to the East, located on the mainland, and when one looks to the South, the archipelago of islands in the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Preserve are a breathtaking sight to see. Throughout the development of this project, a philosophy of leading by example and taking it slow was fostered. It was only natural for a deep appreciation of the beauty that was found on the island to remain a high commitment, and this project strives to be one of minimal impact. It is, the “perfect chance to make it right, the first time”, truly being a developer’s playground and paradise in one.

The island hosts a rocky rimmed Peninsula, the "Canacilla”, which stretches out into the ocean, also equipped for a helicopter landing pad, and sits at an elevation of 140 feet above sea level. With a tranquil protected bay, Puerto Escondido, perfect for a boutique marina, the coastline offers two beautiful beaches, both with mature palm trees lining the beach front and one coupled with a fresh water stream. The calm waters make for perfect ocean sports, whether kayaking, diving or boating are on the agenda, the surrounding environment paves the way for a little (or a lot!) of fun in the sun. And sport fishing amateurs be advised, the Hannibal banks are just an hour run, so you may just want to plan a few extra hours on the open waters of the South Pacific Ocean, as nearby in the reefs, that adrenaline pumping catch, is just a reel away.

And rest assured, for those who may be pressed for time, although the island is secluded and private, it remains highly accessible from the mainland, with David International airport easily reached by car or boat, and travel time being as little as an enjoyable 40 minute boat ride. And with that, we encourage you to join us and feel the island breeze, hear the monkeys howl and let our eyes feast on the 360 degree panoramic views.With the rolling of thunder off the main land, the birds of paradise that grow wild and the tempting neighboring islands that beckon a visit, you will wish you could stay. And so, wake up with the surrounding views of the Panamanian coastal mountain range; no longer figments of your imagination, come park your boat in the bay, whilst your worries float away. The when and how is up to you.

This is the life, this is the dream, and we invite you to experience our piece of paradise, we call Isla Brava...

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The property is fully titled with the exception of 18 hectares which are in Right of Possession and have n o view. the masterplan has been approved by ANAM.

Two deepwater wells of 400 feet offer good and plentiful water.

The nearest marina is 4 minutes away from the mainland on the bayside and 15 minutes going around the ocean side. The marina has fuel and a ramp.

Electricity is projected and estimates are in place.

Basic roads lead to all the lots which are clearly defined and well marked. the property has some of the best views on the island and tranquil and safe swimming beaches.


a.     Entire Project-$4,600,000.00

b.     Canacilla Peninsula- $1,900,000.00

c.      Ocean side $2,200,000.00

d.     Bay side   $900,000.00

Video by: John R Hampton, NotSereyus Productions  

Property Features

  • Ocean View
  • Beachfront
  • Ocean Waterfront



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