Essential Aspects about Touring and Living in Panama

Anatoly Gaviria July 24, 2013

Coming out as the new must-see destination, Panama has finally joined in ranks with its neighboring island countries in terms of popularity. Aside from its famed canal, travelers are flocking to this majestic country in the heart of America exploring its vast offering of idyllic and untouched charm. From the vastness of its biologically diversified jungles to mountain forests and hidden waterfalls, island corals teeming with undiscovered marine species and its highly developed cities and resorts, this is one country thriving with excitement and allure inviting everyone to partake in its charm.

Though Panama has been deeply scarred by its political instability over the years of the Noriega's dictatorial rule, it has finally relinquished its shadowy past. Today, it has finally opened up its beauty for the whole world to see and marvel at. Devoid of throngs of vacationers and tourists, this is one place to enjoy both mountain and ocean.

Connecting the North to the South, Panama offers a truly exhilarating vacation experience that will fit newlyweds, group of friends or families' love for the great outdoors. A passport is the only necessary requirement when traveling for Americans and Europeans. Air travel is, by far, the most recommended means of transportation as it has flights operating in most major cities across America and Europe. But for some who loves to backpack all around Central America going to this isthmus country could also be done via train or bus. Make sure to read travel advisories before traveling though.

There are quite a number of things to do in the country like bird watching, fishing, surfing, kayaking, white water rafting, SCUBA diving, eco-tours, and other outdoorsy activities. The usual pristine white sandy beaches common in its neighboring Caribbean countries offer the same relaxation and exhilaration, too. When planning to spend Semana Santa or Holy Week, make sure to arrange in advance to guarantee a place to stay.

The dry season from December to May give most Northern snowbirds a time to breath the warmth of its majestic tropical allure. From Colon to Bocas del Toro, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and the nearby playas, the promise of enjoyment comes in various avenues giving you more choices to explore. While there, do not forget to eat like the locals do. Think about empanadas, seafood stew, ropa vieja, arroz con pollo and wash it down with a brewed Balboa cerveza.

Some people are also eyeing Panama as a place to retire. It is not dubbed as the new Florida for nothing. Its highly developed cities, laidback lifestyle and affordable cost of living make it a place to be for seniors to spend their golden years. Top this with the health benefits from both ocean negative ions and the freshness of the cloud-blanketed ecosystem and fresh organic food everywhere.

When thinking of retiring here, try to get a good grasp on owning a property in the area. Call a trusted real estate agent and ask all you want to know. Choose wisely those which can give you substantial advice. Try also to dig into research about Boquete or Panama City, the two most sought-after retirement destination in the area.

Before you travel, make sure to arrange with a reliable travel agency and check on current advisory in the area. Whether you are up for mountain exploration or for a coastal vacation, always have yourself vaccinated and updated with travel advisory. When thinking of staying in Panama for good, try renting out for at least a year or less to observe and see if this is the life you want. It pays to come informed and prepared.