Four Fun Things to do in El Valle Panama

Anatoly Gaviria August 1, 2013

Located only two hours away from Panama City, El Valle is a beautiful mountain area with many different activities for families on vacation. There is something for kids of all ages to do and a wide variety of places to see with fun-filled activities. If you have been planning on taking your family on a great vacation, you should definitely consider El Valle Panama. Following are just four of the activities that families can enjoy while on vacation in this region.

The Canopy Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of seeing a rain forest from above instead of from below it? Well, if you answered yes then you need to take your family to the Canopy Adventure. You are suspended a few yards above the floor of the rain forest in a harness. You will dangle above the trees riding from a platform to another platform. There are six platforms in total and it is wise to leave the lose shorts or skirts at home unless you do not mind the hikers below looking up and seeing your under clothes!

Mario Bernal Greco’s Guided Bird Watching Trip

All bird lovers need to take the Mario Bernal Greco’s Guided Bird Watching Trip because he is one of the country’s renowned ornithology experts. He also belongs to a local conservation group and has been offering guided tours for many years. It is a definite must for the kids because they can learn about the local flora and fauna while still having a wonderful time on their vacation.

The Alquiler de Caballos

If you have an equestrian taste, then you need to visit the Alquiler de Caballos located near the Hotel Campestre and take a horseback riding tour of the mountains. There is a stable with over thirty horses and the ride comes with a guide for your convenience. The only downside is that the guides only speak Spanish so you will need to brush up before you take your ride.

The Panama Explorer Club

If you want to have some other fun activities, the Panama Explorer Club is just what you need. They offer a wide variety of things to do such as mountain climbing, rappelling and even kayaking. If you want to view the area from a bike they can set you up with mountain bikes or even show you where the best hiking areas are located. To find the Panama Explorer Club, just go to the Crater Valley Hotel and ask for directions at the desk. The office is located in the hotel so it should be quite easy to find.

Children of all ages would love all of the activities that there are to keep them busy and the best thing for parents is that none of them require an internet connection or a television! What a great way to get the family out of doors and doing things together while on vacation? There is horseback riding, kayaking, zip lines over the rain forest and even beaches for getting some sun.